It will always be healthier to do a difficult exercises, 8-14 times, rest and repeat. Pain could mean injury, and injury means being unable to compete. Yes, your gym membership costs a few dollars a month and CrossFit gym membership costs a few hundred. They had a surprisingly strong “engine”. So if u wanna do ur own crossfitt version of the Olympics, go ahead. Anyway, I just felt the need to add my 2cents. Check out this video to learn about the mechanics of butterfly pull-ups and the correct (and incorrect) way to perform them. Instead, it’s that the people who generally do them weren’t doing anything before. I’d also like to highlight a quote from a Dutch neurophysiologist, Kenneth Jay, in regards to using weights for cardiovascular gains (this actually includes kettle bells as well): With an increased HR to VO2 relationship it will never be as good as typical cardio exercises. If they can correct their programming and clean up their form a little bit, it can be a lot safer and better for you. Waow Idiot. Bodybuilding will never be an Olympic event, here’s why: If you were to look at the TV ratings for Olympic events, the top-rated events are the most intense: soccer, swimming, track and field (especially the 100-meter sprint, aka. However, I had no idea that there was so much animosity with cross fitters. Crossfit being an olympic sport is purely speculation on my part. I’m tired of defending bodybuilding to CF-ers and I’m tired of hearing bodybuilders put down CF-ers. The program works for people at any age and all levels of fitness. bodybuilders arent athletes. My Dad was a bodybuilder, in track when he was younger, and I’ve lifted weights and participated in sports my whole life. Olympic lifts are too complex to be done “for time” at a weight far too heavy for the person doing them so they have to contort their backs to try and get the weight above their heads. Fitness and health is a life time and with cross fit you won’t be fit for long it causes to much damage . I am still wondering why Crossfit is not endorsed by major universities strength or conditioning programs or professional sports teams. The strength and conditioning coaches that I have worked with as an athlete all have master’s or doctorate degrees in kinesiology or a related field. Your email address will not be published. Circuit training and crossfit are very similar, non stop and high repetitions. Learn how your comment data is processed. In fact the majority of Crossfit drug tests don’t even test for PED’S they test for street drugs. When a lot of amateur body builders weigh less but can also out lift pro cross fitters, you may want to step back and take a look at your sport. can make you sore, maybe grow a pair of balls and stop crying about aching. to become an oly lifting coach also takes two days so u cant just only hate on crossfit coaches. The type of training you perform should be relevant to your goals. He never got caught! My current trainer has a masters in exercise science and nutrition…a normal CF coach has a weekend of level one training…who is more reliable? Problem is that so many boxes apparently are not amazing. It shouldnt matter which form of fitness someone is involved in as long as theyre off their asses moving! Multiple Crossfit Games athletes have been featured on high authority worldwide media publications … As a physique competitor and a classic physique hopeful, I can tell you that at no point in my workouts is the intensity lower than everything I’ve got. What was my secret? Last time I checked, Olympians were considered athletes and so are people who do CrossFit. Like never before. Without juice human body does not recover fast enough. “hey look at me, look what i can do!” get the fuck outta here. This is simply not true and every single thing that I’ve posted in this article refers to every single gym that follow CrossFit. I say this as a track runner btw. I’ve hurt myself both times I tried getting into Crossfit. MATTER IS STUFF. Not cool. But I’ll never write an article as asinine as this to argue my side. No it doesn’t? The mentality is different, the sport is different, the goals are different. First of all, let me say that I have been an athlete for years. P.s. CrossFit is a fitness program and lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. 10+ Crossfit Games athletes have over 1 million followers on Instagram alone as well as many other Games athletes have in the high 6 figures. You can still look (and smell) good after a bodybuilding workout. It leaves you vulnerable to injuries. Increased heart rate decreases the time available to fill the left ventricle of the heart, which means that the left ventricle will contain and eject less blood per contraction. I have met cons programmed in. Let’s just disregard high school, and jump right to collegiate athletics. Exercise should be fun and effective in building a healthy body and a confident lifestyle. I don’t really know what’s wrong with these people, “Come and drink our kool-aid” Seems like a fitting reference considering it implies you are in a cult and are about to kill yourself…. I suffered from 3 herniated lower back discs, a torn ACL, all before performing crossfit. Perhaps the best quote of the article is the last one: “While CrossFit motivates its followers to exercise, the growing fear is that the current model and lack of monitoring is more likely to build broken bodies than create a healthier nation.”. Bodybuilder cardio is based on the body needs. READ MORE: When I say higher reps, I’m only talking 10. The most visible athletes in the CrossFit world are basically perfect physical human specimens. Anything higher than that were ancillary exercises, such as abs, push ups, pull ups, and the like. Forces are not tangibke but EXIST in the uni erse.UNLIKE FORCE, Energy is a CONCEPT, NOT SOMETHING THAT HAS EXISTENCE ITSELF IN THE UNIVERSE……, You and Lyle McCockle would get your dumb asses LAUGHED OFF A PHYSICIST’S BLOG. The goal of these athletes is to challenge the body but stay within their body’s limits. ……. ALL health nuts, gym rats, cross fitters, and body builders are d-bags. Maybe for a season, maybe for life. So work is hard because you are moving very heavy weights, so work is hard because you are in deep lactic acid from doing a high rate of work some work is hard because of the high skill component. Maybe its not like that in other places. Let us look at some of the elements of CrossFit: A mix of Olympic lifting, running, rowing, gymnastics and more. Like you said, if you look around and everyone is injured, get out. In both activities. With all of that said, one has to wonder why people still do CrossFit. Another vanity driven bullshit hobby. If you’re going to preach this shit to people you should do a little more research and tell people the truth. It is your choice and not the choice of your coach, be responsible. People should be properly educated on form, acceptable rep numbers, and the warning signs of when to stop. Gains are minimal. Brad Chase maybe you should check out training videos with Kal Greene, he does 20 not 10 so I do not know where you get your number of reps. You clearly love cross fit but there are a couple of points or inaccuracies I can punch holes through. So hot. Bodybuilders are in no shape or form athletes. There is something bothering bodybuilders. Are we in middle school people? And what do you know: the next day, Patrick set a personal record (PR) on the 12.5 workout, with a few good reps in the tank. I have studied this for the last 10 years, have a physicist for a friend and communicate with Oh yeah…it’s an Olympic weightlifting movement and you shouldn’t do a set of 75. Don't focus on, "I want to be like that guy" Just concentrate on where you want to go. Felt a bit dissapointed until the second coach came to me and said “Don,t you worry – this technique and proper form will be with you forever. Crossfit is retarded but I like some of the women. But, none of this is the real reason I left. It’s more about developing muscles in a way that create aesthetic appeal. However if I was forced to call either the males or female bodybuilders an athlete I would hands down call the women the athletes. It seems this article is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the word “intensity.” Weight training “intensity” and cardio-intensive training “intensity” are two completely different things. Bodybuilders don’t hate CrossFit, they hate intensity. No shit a bike would be safer, but driving a car is better and faster when you do it right. It’s why you see results when you do insanity or any of those workout videos. CrossFit set a definition for many movements such as Olympic lifting, endurance sports, and gymnastics movements and just like the running example above, a competition was born. NEVER IN HISTORY HAS A CALORIE EVER MORPHED INTO MATTER , TISSUE. I absolutely agree with you Troy. I love them both!! When done right, with a good coach, I think Crossfit is excellent. The more you disregard the pain and keep pushing through it, the “tougher” you are. A good trainer is better than a bad crossfit coach. I also created a warm-up and mobility generator called WarmobilitY.”. Get your head out of your ass bodybuilders don’t hate cross fit. Or do you want to rely on decades of research and training that strength and conditioning coaches have acquired? Good lord people it’s not sides here it’s 2 different types of training and you are all individual people who will enjoy and get more out of one than the other and that’s it. I have a degree in exercise science and fitness management and was a certified personal trainer for years. And Body building is not really much better if you dont stick to strict form when lifting weights and making cardio apart of your training all year round most body builders cut the cardio down off season right down which is not fit at all. They take a weekend course and then come throw you into some crazy workout. While I did CrossFit for the better part of two years, I don’t do it anymore. Horribly misguided and uneducated article. And I work in a 7 mile run once a week. And I am speaking as someone who has lived in fitness and training across the board for over a decade, to include both bodybuilding and Crossfit. Bodybuilders can keep their pyramid sets and their barbell curls. Sure , you may be tired after a Crossfit session; but being tired and being intense are two very different things. I can’t believe I actually have to say that. I personally think it over emphasizes metabolic conditioning and under emphasizes endurance. Sure they have great marketing. I couldn’t agree more. Men and women who do bodybuilding workouts have great bodies. For the majority of us the young 20’s and/or elite athlete ship has sailed many years ago, and we should focus on actually gaining knowledge and what workouts truly are best for our specific body. well i think both are good as most people said and article should’ve been called why crossfit is good not why it’s better than BB . Very few of them have any real knowledge of proper form, which is especially critical for olympic and power lifts. It's the same thing. Meanwhile Naim Süleymanoğlu still is stronger because he can lift 4.5 his own bodyweight. What’s your proof. A bit like the bodybuilding vs powerlifting, where powerlifters take more rest and highter weight. “Drink the Kool Aid Man!!! I suggest to start eating clean, increase protein, drink a ton of water every day so that you are peeing constantly, and very basic minimal strength training to see how your body responds before incorporating cardio. When your bread and butter is randomized intensity, performed at near max or to exhaustion, you can’t just simply push beyond exhaustion to the next level. I agree with you that Crossfit being popular might be part of the reason why it’s hated on. If there is a natural range of motion to any movement we like to complete it. I thought this was going to be an unbiased comparison but it ended up being a Crossfit cock stroking session. You look absolutely REDICULOUS! Someone who describes himself as “clearly qualified” to talk about this subject should know this. After starting with crossfit getting stronger (eg from a 230 deadlift to 330 lbs or 200 lbs backsquat to 285 and from 135 to 190 bench press) but especially increasing my mobility really improved my back issues. If you want clickbait, take a completely one sided view and insult the other side in a condescending manner. Which is more intense: Running a 10:00 minute mile or a 6:00 mile? That happens and it is unfortunate. I'm one of three black people at my box. Not a single one of them has ever given me workouts that look like CrossFit WODs. CF began in a garage with a bunch of people who liked to throw down hard to improve their lives OUTSIDE of the box. Be smart and resist. The return on investment of time is well worth it, in my opinion. I have approximately 200 hours, 3 exams, and a case study still to do. When this post went live on January 21st, I had no idea that it would receive as much activity as it has. although it can be expensive that is true. The girls have big shoulders and big butts. I have more apprehensions against bodybuiding than crossfit because bodybuilding glorifies a shallow physical appearance which eventually has many of these men mentally disturbed to the point of damaging their health greatly for something that isn’t worth the time wasting your life to. Crossfit is popular among Police, Military, and Fire because those professions need a general level of fitness. But do you think that bodybuilders go on Google Trends or Alexa to see how Crossfit views are progressing compared to bodybuilding? You think they bitch about what’s better? These ‘coaches’ are going to get people seriously hurt. No one in CF is talking about it because the money train is chugging! I love Crossfit!! I’ll start with a few personal anecdotes. It’s like saying eating steamed chicken is better than boiled chicken …. © Copyright 2020 | All Rights Reserved DaiManuel. The amount of injuries, especially shoulders, that I witnessed through the country (I travel for work) led me to really reevaluate what the hell I was doing. There is no comparison. You can’t just do work that is painful just because it hurts and expect to get better. Because Olympic and power lifts are not meant to be done in sets of 30 or for time. I just returned from a CF bootcamp. If you have a certain level of fitness in crossfit, its a good indicator of your actual health. But one of my friends later invited me to the gym where she taught and I jumped in on a WOD. I should have known better that the thruster combination of cleans and push press shouldn’t be done for speed/time, but I did it anyway. Someone past his first year thinks 2 – 2.5 his bodyweight his intens. JIGGLING ATOMS HEATED THE WATER. Do the homework, google, research, ask physical therapists – you may get (I’m BS ing – will get) answers you don’t like about CrossFit. Why the hypocrisy? This can be an eye opener and a huge motivator. They actually don’t care about it. I was dead afterwards and incredibly sore the next day, with some aches and pains that didn’t go away for quite a while. ENERGY IS NOT ITSELF ANYTHING AT ALL. They don’t look tough, as they might think, rather ridiculous. 9.or you could do crossfit and do both weights and cardio. I cardio warmup, stretch and lie down and bench press way more weight, arm curl with way more weight and basically do everything with way more weight. Never once did they tell me to do as many as I possibly could. I am able to sweat a bucket load through body building, lift weights with intensity, do high and low reps weight lifting and do cardio in 10-15 mins and feel exhausted. This article should be headed as… “Why everybody should hate CrossFit?” So my question to you is this: do you want a broken body? Bodybuilders look great. Why do you go to the movies and pay so much money for a movie ticket and popcorn? My recommendation to find a good coach: Visit the CrossFit games website and look at which CrossFit boxes are producing the top teams in their region on the leader-boards. I’m just dissing his mental capacities, not his fysical ones. CrossFit can make you extremely sore and under the right circumstances, it can lead to Rhabdo, a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. There is a primal … Just because something isn’t tangible doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Why? The weight that is being lifted says nothing about the intensity. But that’s not because of Crossfit. Especially since you mention lower reps and longer rest as your gauge for intensity. But one seems to forget that the big dogs who have come up with the marketing campaigns and training systems have probably never been athletes or go to the gym everyday. We get stale, we stop improving, or our body breaks down. The point here is that subjecting your muscles to extremely high stress repetitively is not good. The process for becoming an olympic sport is arduous and complex and there is already a long wait list of sports. If you want to see some of the comments from Facebook, I've posted it here: Do you agree this is this THE main reason why Bodybuilders dislike CrossFit so much? Sounds like a crossfit comment: looking for attention with no logic backing it. And let’s face it, there are giant douche bags in both sports that give the rest the bad name. I saw plenty of bodybuilders and crossfitters do so. I was actually shocked at the amount of my fellow brothers from the football days who tilted towards CrossFit, but then I realized that they also didn’t truly know their own body just as I didn’t – we were given workouts by incredible strength coaches and we were elite athletes. Sculpting a proper physique requires mind/muscle connection, slow-controlled reps, and strict form. a crossfitter is essentially a jack of all trades.They have a bit of muscle,a bit of strength,a bit of flexibility and a bit of endurance. This article is a joke and incredibly ignorant. I was so naive but totally hooked on the community (that’s a huge bonus). Kinesiology professors have told their students that they better never find out that they have anything to do with CrossFit. I powerlifter for over 25 yrs and yes I can hardly move now. I’ve taught “high intensive classes” for years w/out ANY injuries. Look at the most recent games if you need proof. Total knee replacements, drugs shot into every joint I have. do not subscribe to CrossFit, and why strength and conditioning professionals don't necessarily prescribe its methodology to their athletes, aside from the negative stigma of CrossFit in the NSCA or other professional fitness organizations (ACSM, NASM, etc. A few months later, a guy I was seeing tried to convince me to try CF again and I did a workout with him. Well the reason why this article doesn’t make sense to me is that it has a warped meaning of ‘intensity’. JS. That’s probably why I stayed for 3 years. FORCES ARE REAL. Crossfitters, I’m sorry, but you’re not athletes. They seem more concerned with showing off than improving. As for high intensity I did numerous beach sprints and sprints on the stair master and HIITs that made me HELLA fast. Why? People need to get off the grouping and label train. How is that CF’s fault? Crossfit gives you data to show how you compare to people in your gym and people across the world. LOL I loved competing at meets. That statement only disqualifies any defense for using a personal trainer at a gym also because they can take a test and get certified in a day. Total lack of respect for the skill and art of Olys. Do you want to be a competitor or do you want to just have functional fitness? The experience of CrossFit is much more fun and desirable in a CrossFit gym with people around, with the proper equipment, and with trainers to guide you. The problem is they treat other people as inferior since they don’t do CrossFit. I think cross fit is cool and I actually respect the amazing amount of intensity involved in it. Combine sprints/cardio with proper lifting and clean diet and that will get you where you want to be: fit and healthy. When America is plagued with obesity, any form of fitness should be encouraged. My challenge to bodybuilders: Its time to man up. You will hate it and love it at the same time. However, everytime at my gym when they do a crossfit “thing” in the basement. Oh sorry patting each other on their glutes. The thing that draws people into crossfit is real data and real results. To do otherwise seems unnatural. I get asked all the time if I’ve tried CrossFit. It’s 6-12 reps not 1-10.. 1-5 reps is power lifting… Secondly I’ve never seen a body builder leave the gym who isn’t exhausted, smelling like stale ass, and leaving a puddle of sweat behind… The reason body builders don’t crossfit isn’t a matter of “manning up” we just don’t want to hurt ourselves. That’s exactly what you did. I do both and yes I enjoy one more than the other but who cares? No athlete with any knowledge would try using Crossfit methods. Dorian yates? It was a great community but you can find that at the gym, church, or the bar. Why I Don’t Do CrossFit: I think the list above is pretty compelling, but make no mistake: CrossFit is not for everybody. Are you high? just wow. The workout was going to have deadlifts, which I had never done; to this day, I still don’t do them (but that’s another post altogether on risk: reward ratios). It is a mixture of power and strength training done at intensities to challenge lactic acid threshold. The second article addresses CrossFit’s claims that it enables people to become better endurance athletes. THEY ARE NOT TANGEABLE,BUT FELT. I do box jumps and wall ball. In the Huffington Post, Eric Robertson shares the stories of Crossfitters who have pushed their bodies so far past their physical limits that they put their health and lives in jeopardy. I love bodybuilding!! Working with Personal Trainers, classes in Gyms incl. This sounds like happy horse you know what, but it is shocking how little knowledge people truly have about their own body. lets break this article down and show why people who think this are abit deluded. quite the contrary, many are joining them, helping them with their lifts, etc. In fact I believe they destroy it. The first workout I did was a series of pullups, pushups, and dips, and I couldn’t move my arms the next day. I did the CrossFit Open this year, which is a worldwide competition where athletes complete the same workouts, record their times, and see how they stack up against one another. In another form, Grace can be more intense. As I was reading I was like great article until I read this “A butterfly pull-up performed with correct form, is safer than a strict pull up with broken form.” So your still telling me it’s not safe, it’s just safer. Never once in the nearly two years I’ve been at A&M working for a men’s four-time national championship track and field team and women’s three-time national championship team, have these things occurred. It also addresses the “don’t quit” mentality of CrossFit, which is a dangerous one to have in athletics. Science of Running has posted a couple of great articles that show why CrossFit’s workouts and claims are invalid. I did a strongman competition and trained for Crossfit for 4 months even doing a 24 hours Crossfit marathon. If CrossFit is your jam, and you feel like you've mastered some of these movements, or you can do them modified, awesome. These people just love intensity, but they don’t understand that it is very dangerous to do these things too quickly. Free weights did not prevent frequent back pain despite stabilization excercises (4-5 x a week). Good coaches and bad coaches. It’s ok to do crossfit… We all have our own choices… But don’t try and take away from the weightlifter and body builders who keep it true…. Energy is NOT something tangible NOR i tangible. What an odd list of sports. Plus, most of these athletes don’t think outside of the box when they’re training, Schroeder adds. am not a crossfit fan but when I read articles I try to be unbiased. I’ve also been told by people who do crossfit, that when I am; lets say olympic squats. … Both have their pros and cons, however when suplemented correctly with one another, can increase overall health and fitness, than just staying stagnated with one style of working out day in and day out. CALORIES, ENERGY ARE A CONCEPT AND CAN NEVER EVER BECOME BODILY FAT TISSUE, MATTER. After doing some research, I’ve never done (and will never do) CrossFit again, and here’s why. If you are concerned, learn the warning signs and move on. Thanks for sharing Martha. Get over yourself, No, I agree with James, and I’m neither a Crossfitter nor a bodybuilder (I just love to workout and lift), I think most people weight lifting could smack around the typical crossfitter like a rag doll. Crossfit makes one good at Crossfit, but even then that's a stretch as the Elite Crossfitters in the Crossfit games don't just do WODs. It really is that easy. You’re not there and never will be. It’s the Frank-Starling mechanism in full effect and it’s basic cardiorespiratory physiology. ENERGY IS NOT SOMETHING THAT EXISTS ITSELF. Running probably didn't start out as competition until someone defined a set distance (26.2). A review of the current scientific literature, however, shows no published studies about CrossFit in top-rated peer-reviewed strength and conditioning or exercise physiology research journals.