That is why we have used all things Italy to build our list and guide. +150 Italian Dog Names: Beautiful Names for Your Dog [Infographic] The Perfect “Primo” Name For Your Dog. … Italian dog names sound colorful, captivating, exotic.... and so they should. Favourites are Lupo for an alsation type dog (lupo means wolf), Lassie (pronounced Lessie as for some strange reason Italians often change the /a/ sound in English words to an /e/) and Whisky pronounced weeskee! For a male dog, check out these masculine and classy dog names. Fashion names are popular, so you could go for Versace or Valentino or even Dolce and Gabbana … Buongiorno! Whether you find your new dog’s name on the list below, these names are sure to get your brainstorming session started. Italy has such a rich history with so many important contributions to the world. From Popes to pastries, we've found inspo in the 220+ wildly colorful handles below, some for gentiluomos (gents), some for damas (dames), and others applicable to any doggo gender. There's a lot you need to know to make things go smoothly with your new friend. Whether you are of Italian ancestry, your dog is an Italian breed or you’re just a fan of everything Italy, Italian dog names are eccellente! 31. Majestic, imposing dogs like the Great Dane or the Mastiff, with their strong … After all, they originate in Italy - the land of the Romans, world-famous artists, the mafia, good wine and amazing food, a country … If you want an Italian name for your pooch, seek inspiration from Italy’s beautiful cities like Venice, Romeo, or Pisa. Italian Dog Names Bella. The are lots of most popular Italian breed dogs like Italian Greyhound, Spinone Italiano, Cane Corso, Bracco Italiano, and many. Finding the perfect Italian dog name will have you singing That’s Amore! Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Looking at different lists of name ideas might help you land on the perfect Italian dog name. First, let’s look at some of the top Italian dog names across all categories. She is the proud mom to Toby, a giant Labrador Retriever who thinks he’s a lapdog. Here are just a few options: Italy is home to make beautiful regions and cities, many of which would make great names for a dog. father of many. Perla. Name. For a self-sufficient dog, this Italian word meaning “island” might be the perfect name. Top Italian Dog Names Bella (beautiful) Biscotti Cannoli Cappuccino Dante Dolce (sweet) Enzo Fabio Ferrari Gianna Giuseppe Guido Isabella Luigi Luna (moon) Lupo (wolf) Paisano Rocco … Italian dog breeds reflect that diversity. A great Italian dog name for your affectionate pooch. As it turns out, lots of Italian foods make amazing dog names. These male and female names will fit any puppy who has a great sense of style, … Here are some ideas: Another idea when searching for Italian dog names is to explore the most popular names for humans. Adolfo. And this lends itself to so many interesting names. Choosing a name for your dog or puppy is one part of the fun of welcoming home a new canine family member. To kick off our list, let’s explore Italian words that make adorable, interesting dog names. Check the names you like the best to save them to your list. Here are some Italian locales to get you started: Mine Italy’s many great artists, authors, explorers, car manufacturers, fashion designers and more for unique Italian dog name ideas. Molto bene! Italy is an amazing source of inspiration for pup name ideas since it has a rich history and an amazing culture. Italy is a country located in Southern Europe and its actually shaped like a boot, which is pretty cool.. The name Italy comes from the word Italia, which means calf land and the Italian … If you’re seeking out Italian names, you’ve come to the proper place.Many Italian canine breeds are known all over the world. Meaning. But why an Italian dog name? There are … If your dog is an Italian breed or mix, it just makes sense to pay homage to your dog’s original homeland with an Italian dog name. From the delicious pasta to the scrumptious desserts to the enticing drinks, Italy is home to some of the best food in the world, hands down. Fancy Male Dog Names . Valentino. The 2016 National Dog Show winner was an Italian Greyhound by the name of Brussels. Italian dog names are soulful, passionate, charismatic and unique. Mario 27. of Italian ancestry in you, have an Italian dog breed, or simply just love Italian culture, these Italian dog names will be perfect for your new pup. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Male. Mona. Nero (Italian word for black-- this one would be perfect for an Italian black dog!) Mario. The most famous one for sure is the Neapolitan Mastiff, Italian Greyhound, Spinone Italian, Italian Greyhound, the Italian Pointing Dog, Italian Segugio, and the Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog.. It is especially … Here are some sweet Italian dog name choices for girl dogs: With so many Italian boy dog names to choose from, you’re certain to find on that suits your male dog perfectly. Isola. Sara. What more could you want in a name? Love for Italy and everything related to it can be a great source of inspiration when looking for a name for a boy's puppy. Giorgia. Aio – Meaning teacher in Italian, this would be great name for a dog that is very obedient. Woofa Woofa and Mama Mia dog lovers! These Italian dog names are simply bellissimo! Marco 28. Puci. Male/Female. Look and choose! Aldo (Rich) Bruno (Brown) Tito (Giant) Rinaldo (Power) Renzo (Laurel) Ugo (Intelligent) Romeo (Pilgrim) Romano (Rome) It is also a … Bruno Bruno is a classic name for someone with brown hair. No matter what your inspiration, whether it’s Italian heritage, time spent there or just affection for the boot-shaped country, Italian dog names are always a good choice when exploring options for your new pup. We've handpicked the best options for Italian boy dog names. Writer, editor and pet expert Jackie Brown is a regular contributor to many pet and veterinary industry books, magazines and websites. Keep reading here at AnimalWised to discover our list of over 140 Italian dog names … This can be used as inspiration when thinking of Italian dog names. Italian names are sonorous and beautiful, they will emphasize the temperament of your dog. The winner was not only crowned in the toy breed category (Italian Greyhounds are quite small!) Bianca. Buongiorno! From gorgeous Roman ruins to stunning coastal views to the sun-soaked Tuscan countryside, Italy has some of the most amazing scenery and sites in the world. Italian is a language of love and … Beautiful Italian Boy Dog Names … Who doesn’t love Italian food? Serena. Maybe you yourself are Italian or have some Italian in your family tree. Whether you have a little (or a lot!) They’re beautiful, soulful and sweet. Some examples of Italian breeds include the Bergamasco Sheepdog, Bolognese, Bracco Italiano, Cane Corso,Italian Greyhound, Lagotto Romagnolo, Neapolitan Mastiff and Spinone Italiano. We also suggest you check out our list of international names for boy dogs and female dogs. but also overall. Benvenuto and welcome to our ultimate guide to over 200 Italian Dog Names complete with meanings. Here in the United … We can’t pass up the opportunity to recognize these individuals and use their names as inspiration. When naming your dog … If you’re looking for funny Italian dog names, you’ll love today’s list! After all, you’ll be saying your dog’s name every day for many years to come, so you want it to roll off your tongue. Give them an Italian dog … Will any of them make your list? Male. If you’re looking for an Italian-inspired name for your new dog or puppy, you’ve come to the right place! Choosing Italian dog names for Cane Corso puppies just makes sense, since they originated from the boot-shaped nation! Italian Female Dog Names. Fortunately, there are many options that seamlessly double as dog names. Consider these categories of some Italian dog name ideas: Italian is a beautiful language, with a plethora of lovely choices for female dogs. Milan 29. We’ve used this as inspiration for beautiful Italian dog names. When choosing an Italian-themed dog name, the options are practically endless. The name means “beautiful” in Italian. Michelangelo 30. ABERTO. RELATED: 30 Female Cat Names for Real Lionesses 26. Ranging in meaning from bold to powerful, there’s no shortage of fancy dog names … If you recently adopted one of these magnificent brave dogs and are at a loss for name ideas, we’ve got you covered!. Some dog parents like to be insightful and meaningful when naming a brand new pup.. For me, I like to name my pup something deeply rooted in culture or very elegant.. Pesto 32. Checking out some the names … Noble. Italy is a great inspiration for dog names. He inspires her to be a better pet parent and to share advice with other dog owners. Got a stylish pup? Check out our site Find Cat Names. Astolfo: Meaning strong wolf, Astolfo is the Italian identifier for the dog that has a vivid imagination and is dreamy and sentimental all wrapped up in a … Italian dog names are beautiful and sweet, making them the perfect choice for your new cuddly canine. Nives. But remember—if Italian isn’t your first language, make sure you choose a name that’s easy for you to say. However, there are some of us, who like a clever and perhaps slightly humorous name – such as Hot Dog. These European dog names will help you. Learn More: Top 300+ French Dog Names. Jessi is a marketing strategist for Fortune 50 companies who loves to research and write about all things dog. Giovanni. Here are some Italian Words Used in English that might make great dog names: Biscuit Bravo Cappuccino Coda Colonel Diva Ditto Flava Gusto Largo Latte Lava Martini Alessio. Read on for 50 of our favorite male and 50 female names … Or, you could also explore other European name ideas like: We hope you enjoy this list of Italian dog names and use it as inspiration when naming your new pup! If your dog has a brown coat, Bruno is definitely a good pick! Olivia. by Ruby D. Gerace December 17, 2019, 8:38 pm 3.1k Views Da Vinci – As in Leonardo Da Vinci, the Italian Renaissance man with astounding talents in painting, … These Italian Dog Breeds Could Be Living La Dolce Vita With You, Italian Dog Names Inspired by Famous Italians, 76 Uncommon Dog Names for Your One-of-a-Kind Pet. Stefano. Learn how your comment data is processed. International Dog Names for Girl Dogs. To launch your name search, we’ve come up with a list of 75 popular Italian dog names. Armani. Vincenzo. With the most amazing food, we must add. What do you think of these Italian dog names? The romantic Italian language holds endless options. An Italian name is a great option for a lively, confident dog like a Weimaraner, Jack Russell Terrier, or Labrador Retriever. Italian a romantic and beautiful language and our list of badass Italian dog names is sure to offer you a wonderful array of dog names for you to choose from. Here are 85+ ideas we think you’ll enjoy. For example, Ancient roman emperors’ names are also used as Italian Dog names. Further, you can use these names for … Piccolo (meaning small in Italian, this is such a cute name for a small dog… Primo (means first in Italian) 33. What better way to honor your family heritage then to give your new dog an Italian name? Female Dog Names » Italian Dog Names Male Dog Names » Italian Dog Names Here are 83 Italian dog names and meanings. So, in this article, we have listed down 500+ traditional Italian names for your puppy. Or view international dog names for boys instead. No matter what is … © 2013-2020 My Dog's Name • Privacy policy • Have a cat? Let’s start with male names: Likewise, female people names also work well for pups. Use these as names for your pet dog. Italy is one of the most beautiful and cultured places in the world. A list of great international dog names for your pup. Fancy names aren't just for girl dogs. Female / Male Italian Dog Names with Meanings. Giorgio. Ugo. Some are built for hard work while others will want to lounge around the house with you for most of the day. ABRAMO.