On the other hand, a slicing knife is quite long and comes with a straight edge. It comes with a pointed curved tip that can perfectly debone your poultry. Product Description. A carving knife is a bit thicker and has a rigid blade that offers more control over cutting angles. Carving Knife vs Slicing Knife. Slicing Knife VS Carving Knife. This electric knife from Cuisinart is a top seller on Amazon. Also, the long blade enables the knife to work on different types of meats. This Granton edge makes slicing knives the perfect knife selection when cutting foods and ingredients with a wet or dense consistency. When selecting a carving knife or any other knife, you should pay attention to the blade material. Carving knives and slicing knives share similar functionality and differ mainly in size. The slightly longer blade is convenient, when you don’t need the heft of a chef’s knife, but a paring knife is just too small to be comfortable. This knife is a perfect blend of … Considering these characteristics of a slicing knife, here are the top uses of a slicing knife in the kitchen : Slicing / Carving large cooked meats (Hams, turkey, steak, etc). For a multitasking, versatile knife, choose a utility knife for all those small slicing tasks like mincing shallots, slicing herbs and cleaning and cutting your veggies. Here’s the difference and how they both work, so take a closer look below: The blade of a carving knife is between 8 and 15 inches long. Carving knife: Fillet knife: They both have fairly long blades, so that you can make long strokes without reversing direction. All those who love the culinary industry own various types of cutlery pieces, and some of them are slicing and carving knives. Some people may try to use a chef’s knife in a pinch, but the thin blade of a carving knife is better for slicing … They’re essential for serving turkey, ham, roast, chicken, and other large meat items. The handle is fantastic and ensures there is a comfortable grip, and the hand doesn’t get fatigued. Slicing Knife uses. The Culinary Forged Genesis 10 Inch Carving Knife is made of a strong material that guarantees the durability of your knife. A carving knife is considered a large knife typically measuring between 8 and 15 inches in length. Even though they are akin, their purposes are different. Carving knives are used to make thin, precise cuts into meat. In the battle of slicing knife vs carving knife, carving knives are used for cutting larger pieces of meat, whereas slicing knives are more suited for smaller fruits and vegetables. Similar to a carving knife, a slicing knife is another style blade to consider. This 11 inches slicing knife offers excellent chopping without struggles. Chicken, turkey, ham, beef and more can all be thinly cut using a carving knife. This length means that even the biggest piece of meat can be tackled, which is great if you want to get all Stone-Age in the kitchen. Carving knives have slender blades and tapered tips that make them ideal for slicing large pieces of meat.